How Pool Salt Water Chlorinators Affect Asthma Attacks

How Pool Salt Water Chlorinators Affect Asthma Attacks

If you have a child who struggles with asthma, you know that everything you do is ruled by their asthma. You constantly find yourself worrying about what will and won’t trigger an asthma attack. Parents of asthmatic children find themselves wondering if they should allow their children to swim in swimming pools.

There is some evidence that the chlorine that is commonly used to keep the pool sanitized and the water really clean could actually trigger an asthma attack. Not only do many experts feel that chlorine can trigger breathing problems in individuals who already have asthma, some experts wonder if the reason that there are so many asthmatic swimmers could be because the chlorine causes some people to develop the respiratory condition.

In the past the only way your child could enjoy a cool dip in their swimming pool was if they were willing to risk an asthma attack. The good news is that it might now be possible for your asthmatic child to enjoy swimming in your swimming pool and not have to worry that they won’t be able to breathe when they get out of the pool. The answer could come in the form of pool salt water chlorinators.

What pool salt water chlorinators do is eliminate the need for you to use chemicals to keep the water in your pool clean. When you take advantage of the pool salt water chlorinators the only additive that will be in your swimming pool will be salt. Unlike the chlorine, the salt should not trigger an asthma attack the next time your child goes swimming.

Your child isn’t the only person who will enjoy swimming in your pool better after the pool salt water chlorinators have been added. You’ll find that you also like the pool better. The chemicals you previously used have a tendency to dry out swimmers skin and hair. This won’t happen when you are swimming in a pool that is treated with pool salt water chlorinators.

While the fact that you child will be able to enjoy a cool dip without having to wonder if they are going to be able to breathe or not is the best reason to make the change from pool cleaning chemicals to pool salt water chlorinators, it isn’t the only reason.

Using pool salt water chlorinators is going to save you all kinds of money. Although you will have to add a bit of extra salt from time to time, you aren’t going to have to ever purchase pool cleaning supplies every again. The pool salt water chlorinators do a better job of keeping your pool water sanitized which means that there will be less wear and tear on your filtration system which will save you even more money.