Building Muscle Fast – 3 Exercises to Get Bigger

Building Muscle Fast – 3 Exercises to Get Bigger

There are some exercises that are responsible for massive gains in muscle. These have been around for a long, long time and have a strong history of being highly effective for building muscle fast.

Now keep in mind, to get bigger quickly, you need to perform the big exercises, not the small exercises like bicep curls or tricep kickbacks. Doing the following 3 exercises will build up your body into a much more muscular physique than most any other exercises combined.


Squats have been around forever and have always been a staple of get bigger exercises for building muscle fast. They are so powerful that they work much more than just the legs. They basically trigger “overall body growth”. Try a 20 rep squat routine for the most effective overall body growth gains.

2. DIPS.

Dips are far better than bench presses, and many shoulder exercises. Dips are basically the “upper body squat exercise”. Dips will work your chest, shoulders, triceps. For best gains try to work up to weighted dips. This is where you will perform dips with a dumbbell or weight plate chained to a lifting belt around your waist. Highly effective.


Chins are under rated and too often related strictly to “gym class type exercises”. But these are highly effective for developing a huge back and also stimulating bicep growth. There are many variations you can do with chins (including “pull ups” which are traditionally done with your palms facing away from you.) To make chins even more effective for building muscle fast, try adding weight, similar as in dips.