Learn to Swim – Adults Should Learn Swimming?

Learn to Swim – Adults Should Learn Swimming?

Recently, there is a tragedy regarding our fellow Singaporeans who died in Malaysia where their boat capsized during their journey back to Mersing jetty. I sincerely feel sorry for the victims and their family.

This incident has brought a concern whether adults should learn swimming or enhance their existing swimming survival skills. Singapore is surrounded by water, however I do not feel surprised there are still a number of adults who do not acquired the techniques of swimming. In fact, I have been getting enquiries regularly from adults who wish to learn swimming. However, most of the adults are unable to plan the time due to their hectic schedule or the fees. Adults can search the internet for information of the standard rate of the lessons and whether there are any existing lessons that suit them. So why should adults learn swimming?

Below are the points which you can take note.

Health and Fitness

Swimming has been regarded as a way to improve your fitness in term of cardiovascular endurance (stamina), strength, postures and flexibility. Swimming utilizes every part of your muscles making your whole body work. It is a low impact exercise whereby your joints will not receive much stress as compared to jogging or running. You may consider taking up swimming to reduce the impact on your joints for people who suffer from leg or lower back concerns. Aqua jogging also has been gaining popularity in recent years as it acts as an alternative routine to running. I personally have tried it before and it is a fruitful experience for me.

Survival Skills Improvement

Adults can take this chance to learn or revise back their water survival skills. I personally feel that the new swimming programme Swimsafer can be utilized to coach them. They can learn how to wear the life jackets, sculling and more survival techniques to increase their rate of survival inside the water. I will encourage them to know how to wear a life jacket properly even though the process seems easy. When you are in panic state under a real life threatening situation, wearing a life jacket correctly is crucial. Adults also must take note of the techniques of entry into the water when you are wearing life jacket. If you enter into the water with the life jacket on using the wrong techniques, you may get choked by the life jacket. If you did not manage to wear the life jacket, the best way to increase your rate of survival is to lie on your back and waves for help occasionally. During the swimming lesson, they can ask the swimming coach to demonstrate to have a better understanding of the survival techniques.

Adults should take note of the advantage of swimming and how it will assist you in life threatening situation. Master the skills and have fun.