Effective Weight Loss – Top Workout Plans

Effective Weight Loss – Top Workout Plans

More people are seeking ways to lose weight. Most resort to taking weight loss pills or engaging in a low carbohydrate food diet without exerting effort in workouts with the belief that it would all be effective without it. And this is completely untrue. Having workout plan will get you closer to your goals when trying to get fit.

Here are top workout routines that you could implement to help reduce weight:

• Weight Lifting. This is proven to result faster than cardio workout. It involves using of weight machines or objects such as heavy barbells and it aids in creating muscle while burning body calories. Weight machines helps strengthen resistance and is used to build muscle but are not suitable for toning.

• Free Weight Workout. It involves using of small barbells carried by one or two hands. It focuses on the chest, legs, stomach and arms part of your body. It provides body resistance.

• Elastic Resistance Exercise. This involves using elastic bands to stretch and form a muscle. It helps tone the body in a way that you want. For better result, use bands with 300 pound resistance.

• Cardio Workout. This type of exercise is good in preventing heart disease and diabetes. It is best if performed 30 minutes every day and boost workout intensity until you sweat.

• Jogging and Walking. A person can lose 100 calories in every mile he takes while jogging or walking. Regular jogging and walking can speed up weight loss.

• Step Aerobics. It contributes greatly to weight loss since it burns 800 calories in one hour.

• Cycling. Riding a bicycle can aid burn 500-1000 calories every hour. You can last longer doing this since it causes less pain in your joints.