Top 5 Reasons You Should Include Interval Training in Your Workouts

If you have never used interval training before, you may be surprised at how well it can work to get you into shape. Interval training involves short bouts of repetitive high speed exercises followed by periods of low activity exercises. There are many benefits to including intervals in your workout routine. Below are some of the top reasons for using intervals to get fit.

1. The Mighty Fat Burner

Fat burning is one of the biggest benefits of interval training. The reason it burns fat so well is because the intensity at which your body works during an interval causes your body to burn fat long after the workout is over. This is a big plus over long cardio sessions that only burn calories while you’re performing the activity.

2. Save Yourself Time

Intervals don’t require a lot of your time, which is good as most of us have more than we can handle on a daily basis. A good interval training session only requires 45 minutes or so of your time at a minimum of 3 days per week. I think most people can manage to fit that in.

3. Get Strong

Many interval exercises require nothing more than your own body weight. As you become better, you are also becoming stronger. Imagine finally being able to do push-ups or pull-ups (if you can’t already) or increasing the amount you can already do. You’ll see improvement in your everyday tasks, from carrying the groceries to picking up your children.

4. Never Get Bored

Interval training means never becoming bored with the typical exercises you may have been performing. There are so many great interval routines available to do that you will find exercising fun again. Exercise is always more fun when it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

5. Metabolism Booster

Interval training that includes strength training builds lean muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat. By building lean muscle using intervals, your metabolism gets a major boost because your muscles continue to burn calories even while you are at rest.

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