How to Increase Vascularity and Become a Muscular Freak

How to Increase Vascularity and Become a Muscular Freak

Okay, so most people who know you probably already consider you a freak. Be honest though… It’s probably not because of your physique. 

Don’t fret. We can help even up the your image from idiosyncratic freak to physique freak with a primer on vascularity. And we’re not just talking a few veins here or there that pop out during stressful workouts. We’re talkin’ walkin’ around with a Triple A map popping out from beneath your skin. Insane vascularity can be yours if you follow our suggestions. 

For most people who lift, the thought of getting skin-tearing type pumps and road-map vacularity is appealing. But to get them usually means bloating, cramping, weight gain and overall look that screams “NOT DIALED IN”! Why are pumps so important? Well, pumps are what give you a leg up in the vascularity department. When you’re pumped, your veins stand out like blocked garden hoses ready to explode.

Training for pumps involves a lot of intensity, but it also requires several other factors to achieve it: Diet, Supplements, Water and Electrolyte Balance.

First, let’s talk….


Creatine in steak and other foods, red wine, simple sugars, enough complex carbs along with good protein and fat, all contribute to vacularity. Eating enough is crucial, but getting enough elements such as salt and fat on food is important. You don’t have to eat a cube of butter, you can use capryllic acids, olive oils, fish oils or other fat sources such as flax to do the trick. 

Remember, hot food also brings out vascularity. Ever gone to a competition and ordered a steak to go for your room later on. You eat it cold and nothing happens. Guess why? Well, most of the creatine has been killed and you don’t have heat to help push the fats and sodium into the cells.

Bottom line, the body is a magnet for protein, carbs, fat, water and creatine, as well as trace elements such as sodium and potassium to help boost cell volume. Food should be your number one supplement. But speaking of supplements…

There are plenty!


CME (Creatine Methyl Ester) / CEE -(Creatine Ethyl Ester)

Due to the precise placement of its methyl or ethyl groups, CM² and CE² both avoid the stomach degradation process that occurs with creatine monohydrate products, so they are resistant to digestive breakdown. Both provide benefits of creatine with only about a quarter of the normal clinical dose. And no bloating or discomfort with either and no known adversity in length of time on. Carnosine levels are also boosted, which buffer the build up of lactic acid.


Experience those wicked full body pumps that last all day with NO. Nitric can enhance muscle hardness and vascularity almost automatically. What’s more, it can help push you past training plateaus by forcing your body into an anabolic growth phase, so you can add slabs of new lean mass! Nitric Oxide is designed to support blood flow and circulation, which promotes performance, endurance, recovery, and size, so let’s not just think about vascularity as strictly cosmetic, let’s think about the benefits of having it!

AEX (Arginine Ethyl Ester)

Arginine Ethyl Ester works to increase Nitric Oxide (NO2) production in the body which may induce more explosive, blood engorged muscle pumps and increase blood flow to genital area. 


Rutaecarpine is a powerful phyto-alkaloid that exerts its biological impact on Ca2+ in endothelial cells and smooth muscle cell tissue and produces greater vasodilation and nitric oxide production. IP6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) is metabolized into inositol triphosphates which is essential to cell signaling and regulation of cellular growth. The net result of this increased activity is a high level of vasodilation and intracellular amino acid synthesis.


Tri-creatine malate increases muscle size and strength gains. Tri-creatine malate with arginine ethyl esters to enhance cell volume. 


Methocel is a controlled-release technology made by Dow Pharmaceutical. It’s the engine that drives Nitric oxide’s vaso-mascular volumizing action, and allows NO to support 24-hour whole-body vasodilation (opening of blood vessels). With vessels dilated, more blood can flow into your muscles during workouts, posing sessions, stretching and other things you do throughout the day to give your body an opportunity to grow and become more vascular. Remember, blood-filled muscles appear fuller, thicker and shapelier, which helps provide that sought after “pumped” and “vascular” look. 


Potassium GlycerophosphateMagnesium Glycerophosphate Glycerol Stearate  is a magnet for pumps and vascularity, what with all of the food and water we take in during a given day. Complete muscle hydration and nutrient saturation can occur with glycerol hydrating polymers and act with electrolytes to ensure beefed up cell volume.  


Sodium and potassium based things like Gatorade that have a slight bit of glucose in them, can really carry a lot of volume into the muscle, and increase vascularity. Proper electrolyte balance is crucial to vascularity and can make or break anything mentioned above. Drink water and take electrolytes to avoid cramping and looking flat. 


Pump Tech by MuscleTech


Mass Stack by BSN


Drinking water is crucial, because cell volume depends upon it. If you don’t take in adequate water, water balance will shift from cells that are engorged (and in pump status) and instead flood the skin, lending an anything-but-vascular look.


Gatorade before posing, or any electrolyte preparation, or a big juicy steak and a baked potato, can really help you explode! Balloon-sized pumps are yours during each posing session if you begin by feeding your body the proper food, electrolytes and supplements. But remember, the more you actually physically pose, the more vascularity will be etched into your muscles.