I’ve Tried Everything – Why Can’t I Get Six Pack Abs?

Six pack abs are the ultimate sign that you’re fit and in great shape! Getting a great midsection isn’t super hard, but you must have the right strategy! Tweak your strategy and all you have to do is work! Here’s the simple way of getting great abs…

Six Pack Abs Are Not About Strong Abs

Don’t get me wrong, having a strong core is super beneficial! But to actually get a six pack abs, doing hundreds of crunches isn’t going to be the most effective strategy!

I have seen people who spend what seems like hours a week doing ab exercises in the gym – but they have a beer belly! Meanwhile, I have a six pack but I spend 15 minutes a week tops working on ab strengthening! Why? Because I’m focusing on maximising fat loss in each gym session and eating healthy 24/7!

Simple Fat Loss

Here’s fat loss demystified. If you understand the science behind what stores fat and what makes you lose fat, you’ll be able to understand exactly what you have to do to get great abs! That means that there’s no more guesswork and all you have to do is put in effort for a slim stomach!

Principle #1: Cut Out Bad Foods

The first principle of super simple fat loss is cutting out foods that are making you fat. Foods that are overly processed, oily, fried, full of trans fats, preservatives and ingredients that you understand are generally very fattening! If you cut these foods out entirely, watch your fat loss accelerate!

Sodas, fruit juices and other drinks with lots of sugar, sweetener or empty calories are also super fattening! If you drink a lot of flavoured and sugared drinks, by simply just drinking water you can see massive increases in your rate of fat loss!

A lot of breads and grains can also be extremely fattening! Carb sources which are refined and have the fibre and nutrients taken out are fast-digesting, spiking your body’s insulin and blood sugar levels! When insulin and blood sugar are high, you store fat at a much higher rate!

Foods like breads, pastas, pastries, rice and other starchy, white-flour based foods are things you should look to eliminate from your diet if you want to undergo super-effective fat loss! Starchy vegetables like potatoes can be quite fattening so eat in moderation!

Instead, eat foods that are slow-absorbing or don’t spike insulin like fruits and vegetables. Leafy green vegetables are a great carb source, but you may have to get used to eating them in high amounts to keep your energy up!

You should also look to fats as a great energy source! Avocado, olive oil and vinegar (the less processed variety) are great things to add to a meal to keep it nice and slow-absorbing!

Principle #2: Exercise For Maximum Fat Loss

The second principle for super effective fat loss is to do exercises that promote maximum fat burning! If you’re doing slow cardio or other training that doesn’t seem to be helping you burn a lot of fat, you may need to lift the intensity!

Strength training is a great, intense exercise which can help boost your metabolism for up to days after the workout! The reason why this afterburn effect occurs is because high-intensity exercise demands a lot of energy output and oxygen usage! To recover from short bursts of high-intensity exercise, your body actually burns through fat to replenish fuel and restore hormones to a normal level.

To have an intense strength training workout, ensure you use compound movements, exercises that use multiple muscle groups! So that’s squats, deadliest, chin-ups and bench presses to name a few! When you activate multiple muscle groups during an exercise you activate maximum muscle fibres and your body needs to burn more fat to help these fibres recover and grow.

Cardio is also a very effective tool for fat loss – when done right! If your cardio session is too slow a pace, you will not burn a significant amount of fat. Your cardio needs intensity, so try running the same distance or for the same time at a faster pace. If you’re not a big fan of fast cardio, try doing cardio the day after an intense workout like strength training! Your body will burn even more fat while the afterburn effect is underway!

That’s It!

You now understand how it is possible for you to get six pack abs. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but now that you have the right strategy, all you have to do is put in the hard yards! You can do it, now you just have to go do it!