Kettlebell Conditioning for a Lean, V-Shaped Torso

If you’ve never worked out with a kettlebell, you are missing out on one of the most effective fitness tools of all time. With a cheap and compact instrument such as this, you can build the kind of body that drives women crazy. Kettlebell conditioning is one of the best ways to become much stronger and much healthier.

The Four Exercises You Must Learn

If you want to make the most of these workouts, there are really only four exercises you need to master. These four will work every muscle in your body and ensure that you end up with a balanced physique that is both irresistibly attractive and makes you look like the kind of guy who people don’t want to mess with.

These four exercises include:

  1. The Swing
  2. The Turkish Get Up
  3. The Clean and Press
  4. The Snatch

Let’s take a quick look at each one and see how it fits into your program.

The Swing

The swing is the first exercise that everyone learns with kettlebells, and for good reason. This workout will focus on your lower body, building the kind of strong glutes that women wish more guys had. The swing consists of swinging a kettlebell from in-between your legs to straight out in front of you using quick and powerful deadlift-like movements.

The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish get up focuses the effort primarily on your upper body, building the kind of strong shoulders that are essential to having a V-shaped torso. But it also works your core muscles, strengthening your six pack. With this exercise, you lie on the floor with a kettlebell held above you with one hand. You then sit up, supported on one arm, and proceed to stand up, all the while holding the weight overhead. Reverse this movement to complete one rep.

The Clean and Press

This is a movement that is inspired by the classic Olympic lift of the same name. From the ground, you hoist the weight up to your shoulders in one clean movement, then press it overhead. This movement will bring your back muscles into play, building the slope of your V-shaped torso.

The Snatch

Another lift based on the old-school Olympic lift, the snatch is similar to the clean but instead you pull the kettlebell all the way overhead and lock out your arm. This lift, along with the previous one, will burn fat away due to its ability to cause the body to secrete HGH. This will help you get the defined abs you are looking for.

The Kettlebell Conditioning Plan

It couldn’t be easier to get fit using these four exercises. Each workout, do three sets to fatigue, switching off arms as necessary. Perform this routine 1 – 3 times per week and you will have a V-shaped torso in no time!