Ladies Don’t Keep Making This Top Exercise Mistake

Over the years there has been so much misinformation about weight loss, fat loss and fitness that it is any wonder that so many women get it so wrong. A lot of what they do to try and achieve their goals is actually counterproductive. Here is the top number one fat loss mistake that women make.

The biggest myth of all – The old fashioned cardio myth is based on the notion that you need to burn more calories in order to have less fat on your body. And, although this is true, it is not true that aerobic exercise (walking, jogging or cycling) is the most efficient way to burn extra calories, or stimulate fat-loss. It is the least effective way to do this.

There is nothing less efficient than cardio/aerobic activity when it come to creating a toned, tight, firm, strong, healthy and feminine body. Nothing. Let’s look at the facts. If you go jogging for thirty minutes you will get a thirty minute boost to your metabolism which is your body’s engine.

If on the other hand you were to do thirty minutes of strength training exercise you would:
o Increase the speed of your metabolism because it is dependent on the amount of toned muscle tissue on your body. This is a good thing and you will become a smaller person as you lose body fat.
o Burn more calories in the actual workout.
o Create a metabolic boost for several days (depending on the intensity). This means you will be burning more calories for the next few days, even when you are sleeping or resting.
o Boost your fitness. A heavy set of squats will leave you gasping for air as will all of your strength training exercises if you do them properly and put some effort into them.

Remember what you think of as cardio activity means your heart/lung system only works because your muscles ask it to. You can not go jogging with your heart. Your legs run and they “ask” the heart and lungs for an increased blood and oxygen supply to feed to the muscles, not the other way around.

Imagine the time you will save when you are doing exercise that will get you great results. Of course you can still go walking, cycling or swimming or do any other recreational activity. But these things are just part of an active lifestyle not a replacement for a proper exercise program.

Your muscle tissue is your very best friend when it comes to getting into better shape and losing any excess body fat. Spend the time and get your strength training program set up properly by a fitness professional who can teach you not only exercise technique but the intensity (degree of difficulty) you need to perform those exercises at to get the very best results.

Add in one or two interval training sessions each week for a perfect exercise program. These are short bursts of vigorous activity followed by recovery periods. An example of this would be 15 seconds of sprinting followed by one minute of walking. Repeat 8-12 times for the ultimate fat busting, anti aging boost on the planet.

Make the change today and see for yourself how quickly you will make progress towards what you have always wanted, a lean, strong, energetic and healthy body.