Six Pack Abs Exercises – Know The Basics

Six Pack Abs Exercises – Know The Basics

Any one joining a training programs for building abdominal muscles will want a quick result. For the effort to bear fruit faster and easier, it will help considerably if he/she knows the principles applied in six pack abs building exercises.

Two aspects are important to be able to get that elusive set of ribbed abdominals.

Firstly, the priority should be to drive away the layer of fat in the region that clouds the abdominal muscles, and secondly, the actual development of abs (like body building ) through appropriate exercises should follow. Without the first, the second will naturally be impossible.

While the role of diet is important, this article is restricted to the physical training aspect – creating a sort of blue print that will ultimately help lead to development of the eye popping six pack abs.

The need to exercise is true for both for male as well as female participants. It is generally seen that women resort to gentle exercises; this is not preferable if the aim is to get a healthy and a powerful pack of abs. The training has to be intense, because we are here not for maintenance, but to convert (build) those “lazy” muscles into actively visible set, and to give the body a healthy and an envious appearance.

Exercises And Muscles:

Intense exercises make the muscles turgid, conversely, unexercised muscles are flaccid and give an unhealthy look. Further, it is very important to realize that not only will your abdominal muscles ultimately become visible (as they are strengthened during your training sessions), but these strong abs will actually help reduce the load on your bone joints (in the vertebral column), a factor that will help your body stay erect as you age. Surely, no one would like a stooping figure as the years go by.

Another very significant advantage of the exercises will be increased agility of the body. In case of an emergency, the agile will prevail over slow, flabby, unhelpful body.

Exercise Regime:

It is not advisable to straight away go in for intense exercises upon joining an abs building program. Start with simple basic workout with short intervals of rest in between. This will not tire your body – one of the reasons for many beginners abandoning their noble intentions. These are simple repetitive exercises which may involve gym equipments for toning, and could go on for a week or 10 days. Listen to your body signals to decide if it is getting overstressed.

As the body begins to get used to being exercised, introduce resistance exercise. The body will, by now, be acclimatized to basic exercise regime, so a gradual change over will not be a hassle. At this time, outside load is added when performing each exercises. Over a period, gradually increase the load – caution: do not go overboard to overload; the consequence can be harmful. Also, remember to give yourself short intervals of rest.

As you progress, reduce the length of rest periods. At this stage, you are reaching the point when the muscles start becoming rock hard – you can even perform an exercise up to a “fatigue point” – caution again about overload; do not ignore signals of discomfort from your body. The muscles have no choice but to “sit up”.

Developed Them -What Next?

The abdominal muscles will become visible and strong; your exercises will plateau out at this time. Your abs building exercises should gradually convert to abs maintenance exercises. Maintaining them is considerably easier than building them; do not give yourself a chance to slip back into that flabby look because of the deceptively easier task.