Six Pack Abs Myths Targeting Seniors

If you want to feel more energetic and younger, a six pack workout could be just what you need! There are many myths about workout routines and aging, and they are just that-myths. There is no reason why someone 50 or older cannot train toward getting the same body as someone younger. All it takes is determination and the use of the practical solutions presented in this article.

Senior Six Pack Workout Myth 1:

Losing Strength and Flexibility is a Normal Part of Aging

This myth is only true if you stop exercising. What is true is that as people age, their bodies do not produce hormones in the same quantities or as frequently as they once did. This reduction in hormones causes people to feel slower and more tired as they age. The old saying “if you don’t use it you lose it” is extremely true in this case. Regular six pack workouts with resistance bands (to start, you can move onto weights when you feel ready) and regular aerobic exercise will increase overall wellness and give you a renewed feeling of the vitality you once had.

Senior Six Pack Workout Myth 2:

“I’ve had or have (name a disease), and I just can’t do it anymore”

This too is normally an incorrect assumption. Regardless of their current physical condition, people have the ability to change and improve their fitness level at any age and regardless of any lingering physical limitations. It is simply a matter of tailoring the exercise to fit the individual and their limitations. This is where your healthcare provider can come into play by suggesting programs or exercises.

If there is difficulty with balance or walking, there are six pack workout exercises that can be done from a seated position, and this includes aerobic exercise. Foot cycles can be used both to increase range of motion in the legs and add some needed aerobic activity. The upper body cycles usually found in rehabilitation centers or gyms can do the same for the upper body. After a short while, many people find that they can advance to walking, first with assistance, and then after time, without any assistance. Balance exercises can include something as simple as holding on to a counter and lifting one foot off the ground.

Senior Six Pack Workout Myth 3:

“It just doesn’t matter anymore- I’m not trying to impress anyone”

This by far is the hardest attitude to overcome, unless you realize it is only an excuse! It does matter, not only to you, but to your loved ones as well. Exercise is a known mood lifter, and the ability to be able to do things without assistance can be a good motivator to get back into, or start exercise even in the later stages of your life.

A terrific example is Jack LaLanne. Prior to his death at age 90, he was fully active and engaged in life. He was in terrific physical condition, did not become ill or forgetful, and was strong and vigorous right up until his death. He had the physique and looks of a man 1/4 of his age and the attitude as well. I saw an interview with him about a year before he died and he stressed how important it was to keep pushing and keep striving for fitness goals and good nutrition. He said those were the major reasons why he was still in such incredible shape and he was convinced that anyone really could do it if they simply wanted those results.

A good six pack workout targets not only your abs, but your mind and heart as well.