The 5 Most Important Lessons I Learned From Finding Dory

The 5 Most Important Lessons I Learned From Finding Dory

When it comes to Disney and Pixar’s films, everyone knows about Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

And I love both the movies. There are so many lessons and insights to learn from both the films. In 2003, when Pixar released Finding Nemo, it grossed $380 billion up to date. It was an amazing movie that I encourage everyone to watch.

And this year, in 2016, Pixar released the sequel called Finding Dory. And up to date, the movie has broken its predecessor’s record by grossing $483 billion.

However, my purpose today is to share with you the golden life lessons that I have learned from Finding Dory, not to brag about both films performance and profits.

Well, I just want to impress you so that you will go on and watch the movie if you are yet to watch. And here are the five lessons Finding Dory has taught me…

1. No matter what happened, just keep swimming.

This is one of the most inspiring lessons that not only me, but I believe most audiences learned from the movie. Whenever life hits us with a brick, just keep moving forward.

Like in the movie, whenever Dory and his friends faced with difficulties and challenges, Dory will just say, “Just keep swimming.”

It is the same in our lives. There will be times when things go wrong, and we just cannot handle it. However, never feel down or give up, instead, just keep moving forward and do what you can.

2. There is always another way, find it.

When you faced with a difficult situation, and you have no idea what to do, stop, slow down and think about an alternative.

This is exactly what is happening in the movie. Whenever Dory and her friends faced with challenges, they will try to find another way to solve the problem.

In life, when we feel helpless and not sure what to do, just stop and take a deep breath. This is because when we stuck in the problem, we fail to see the solution.

Thus, stop for a moment and see the situation from a bigger and wider picture. There is always a solution to a problem. If there is no solution, it is not a problem. So why worry?

3. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

Dory’s mother, Jenny taught Dory about this success principle. Jenny told Dory that she could accomplish whatever she wants if she puts her mind to it.

And it is true in life. We need to put what we want to achieve in our mind. Just like what Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

We all have greater potential and greatness within us. It is just that we do not know how to unleash our greatness and we are unsure about it.

Once you put your mind to the things that you want, your mind will search for the solution and ways to get you to what you want.

4. The best thing happens by chance.

Yes, often, the best thing in life happens by chance. There will be no surprise if you know something is going to happen.

Imagine you bump into a long-lost friend and both of you manage to catch up for a drink.

Everything happened by accident and without planning. The element of surprise is there, and the event will become one of the best things for you.

5. You are not the only one in this world.

There is a point in the movie where Dory and Marlin were lost in the ocean and they thought they were the only two there, which is not.

The same goes in life. You are not the only person living in this world. When you have problems, seek solutions from other people who have gone through the trouble.

When you have no idea how to achieve something, seek help and ask someone else who have done it before. Whatever you want to do or accomplish in life, there will be someone out there who has done it.

Remember, you are not alone. So seek help and ask for what you want.