Swimming Pool Construction

In most cases, this process can take between 16 and 20 weeks. To begin the pool construction process, you need to get a reliable contractor. You can search through various online directories depending on your location. A good directory should avail all details about a contractor; be it negative or positive feedback. This will give you an opportunity to make an informed decision.

Some of the most important steps in the pool construction process include:

Expert advice

After you have identified a contractor, you need to get an upfront expert advice. It is only through this advice that you can avoid making wrong decisions. In most cases, people tend to rush over this process and in the long run, they end up making some obvious mistakes which cost them their valuable resources. Not all companies will invite you for a professional advice.

It is at this point that you will brief the contractor about your intentions. This will help them to have a rough idea about the kind of pools you would wish to construct.

Assessing the site

Let the contractor visit the site where you would wish to construct the pool. During this period, the contractor will be able to design the scope of the project depending on the following factors:

The location of the pool; some of the most important variables to consider include trees around site, slope, amenity etc. All these factors will not only affect the time it will take for the contractor to accomplish the job, but also the total cost of the project.

Regulations; there are various laws and by laws which govern all construction processes. There could be federal laws or by-laws. You must consult with the relevant authority to ensure that you don’t breach any of these laws.

Budget; it is your priorities which will determine the kind of pools you want and ultimately the total cost of your budget. You need to inform your contractor about this and they will definitely assist you to choose one which will meet your requirements.

Designing the pool

The contractor will design the pool, list all requirements and their respective costs. They will then avail the draft to you so that you can evaluate the drawings, price and propose adjustments if there are sections you feel dissatisfied with.

The final drawing plus all the necessary documents will be taken to the relevant authorities. They will evaluate the documents and if possible, they will also visit the site to confirm every single detail of the project that the contractor had presented to them. If the swimming pool construction project does not breach any of the laws, your contractor will be issued with an approval note and a construction certificate.

Construction process

Once the project has been approved by the relevant authorities, the contractor is free to begin the construction process. They will mark out the site and begin the excavation process. Depending on the nature of the contract you shall have signed with the contractor; the site will remain the property of the contractor until such a time that the construction process will be complete.

You should deal with these contractors cautiously since there are some who are dishonest. They will trick you to sign documents with clauses which favor them. Get a lawyer who will assist you in the interpretation of these clauses.

You have to be careful about clauses which stipulate conditions which the contact can be terminated. It is an important section of any contract since you may end up paying contractors a lot of money for terminating their contract. On the other hand, only pay your contractor if you are satisfied that they have done a good job. If there is a delay in any of these stages, then you have no option but to wait a little longer.