The metabolism of a teenager is a wonderful thing if you are trying to get a set of teenage six pack abs. If you are trying to get a set of teenage six pack abs your increased base metabolic rate gives you a leg up on us older fats trying to accomplish the same thing. Those are the benefits of youth but as you get older this will change as maintaining those rock hard abs becomes more difficult.

There is a simple reason for this; body fat. With a high teenage metabolism you burn off that excess body fat at a much higher rate then someone who is older. Body fat is the biggest factor in exposing those abs you so desperately want to show off. But here’s the catch. The stomach is one of the hardest areas to burn fat from because your body will burn fat from other areas before it hits it last store house of emergency energy.

This points to the fact that you can’t just spot reduce based on body part specific exercises. Crunches, sit-ups, leg raises, and any other ab specific exercise will firm and tighten those muscles but they will do little to burn the fat layer that is covering your future six pack.

So the secret to getting those teenage abs into six pack shape is the same for everyone no matter their age. By following a healthy diet and complete exercise program that targets the entire body just about anyone can create a set of rock hard abs. By getting in the habit of following a healthy lifestyle at a young age you will also be able to keep those six pack abs as part of a strong overall body as you grow older.