Weight Loss – Exercise Plan and Diet Plan

Weight Loss – Exercise Plan and Diet Plan

Here are some weight loss tips for you.

Exercise Plan-Exercise can increase the basic metabolism of the body by quickening the burning of the body fat. After exercise, the increased basic metabolism of the body will last 24 hours. Therefore, to keep constant exercises is indispensable for weight-loss. Here are three effective and economical ways of burning the calorie.

Plan 1 Rope Skipping-Skipping rope will consume around 1,000 calories per hour and can maintain the heart rate at a level that is similar to jogging can do. However, skipping rope can avoid knee and anklebone pains which can be caused by jogging. Skipping rope can also be helpful in improving agility, body stance, balancing ability, coordination and flexibility. Such exercise is able to develop the strength, the lower part of the body in particular. Rope skipping can make the calf muscle full of strength and the thigh and hip muscles more solid.

Plan 2 Cycling- cycling is suitable for anyone, both ordinary people and athlete and regardless of age. You don’t have to cost anything except regular maintenance of the bike. This is an exercise that is easy to follow constantly. It can consolidate your leg joint and thigh muscle and is helpful for the blood circulation.

Plan 3 Jogging/Walking-it is suitable for everyone and if you love sports or long for weight-loss, your best choice would be jogging; if you don’t have enough time for exercises, you better work yourself out by walking to your office instead of taking buses. if you are not picky, tarred road can be your choice. Constant such exercises (over 30 minutes per day) will be beneficial for your heart and blood circulation and will help you lose weight. The combination of jogging and walking is recommended.

Diet Plan-more calories will be consumed and weight will be lost if appropriate diet plan is added to the exercise portfolio.

1 Drink much-drink seven to eight cups of water per day as water, with no calorie, is fundamental to human body. So water is the best drink for dieter.

2 Control the calorie and fat-always be careful with calories contained in food. Eat less fat meat and more fish and poultry.

3 Eat plain-refrain yourself from processed food with sauces as they contain a lot of sugar, salt and starch which will increase the calorie.

4 Each enough fruit-each appropriate amount of fruit, vegetable and whole wheat bread which contains rich fiber.

5 Balanced diet-arrange the diet according to daily plan and make sure that meals should be taken at a fixed time and within appropriate amount. Lower the eating speed to no less than 20 minutes each time.