What Body Fat Weight Scale is the Best For You

What Body Fat Weight Scale is the Best For You

When it comes to body fat weight scales, Tanita and Taylor are synonymous with quality. With the assistance of either of these machines, your weight loss and body fat reduction goals are well within reach. A body fat weight scale has become a necessary piece of equipment to own for quick results in the war against fat.

Both machines tell you, by way of an electrical impulse, just how much fat in the body you have and your exact weight. Knowing this allows you to plan a program to reach your optimum weight and body fat count for your size. All calculations are done by the scales themselves then they show up on an easy to read digital display.

The Tanita allows you to program your own parameters in, this only needing to be done once, so there is no need to repeat that step each time you get on. There is also a “guest mode”, which allows family and friends to try the scale without saving all the information in the memory. The Taylor model allows the exact same inputs, but the difference is that the Taylor scale will tell you how many calories you need to maintain or lose the amount of fat in the body to be healthy.

The Taylor Body-fat Scale offers a calorie counter which the Tanita does not. This can come in quite handy rather than doing it the old fashioned way. Both scales will also calculate your body’s excess water weight.

Reports have been made that both these scales are as accurate as doctor’s visits when results were placed side by side. This cuts down on routine trips to the doctor when your body fat count is in question. You have the results right there. Either of these scales is just what the doctor ordered.