Which MMA Weight Training Exercises You Should I Be Doing?

MMA weight training exercises are a large part of any fighters training routine. if you are new to mixed martial arts it’s vital that you build a strong foundation of strength. Don’t just focus on strength though. You will still need to work on the other aspects of mixed martial arts training.

Your weight training should consist of compound exercises. These are exercises that target lots of muscles in one movement, instead of only targeting 1 or 2 muscles. This means that your training should consist of deadlifts, squats, bench press, bent over rows, and shoulder presses. These are the types of exercises that are going to build a solid foundation of strength and size.

Another important point is that your training needs to be progressive. This means your workout is never the same as your previous workout. You will need to increase either the reps or the weight in each workout. Doing the same workout week in week out will not give you improvements.

Do not restrict your weight training exercises to just using standard weights. Remember that your body itself is a weight. Exercises like dips and pull ups are very good at making you stronger. When you get to a point where you can do lots of reps in these exercises, you should add weight plates with the use of a belt or a chain to make the exercises more difficult.

There are other tools that you can also use as MMA weight training exercises. Picking up bags of sand and carrying them for a distance is a great way to build strength. Apart from bags of sand, you should use anything that is heavy and awkward to lift. Remember that your opponent is not going to make it easy for you to lift him or her.

You need to vary and improvise your MMA weight training exercises as much as possible, so that you are targeting lots of muscles in different ways. This will give you much better foundation for all round strength.