Insoles For Running Shoes – Pros and Cons

Insoles For Running Shoes – Pros and Cons

Orthotics insoles as they are commonly called have gained popularity because of their “feet saving” capabilities. That’s what the ads claim about these running shoe insoles.

Do they really work? Are they worth the cost? Should you go out and get yourself an Orthotic insole for running? Find out more by reading this article.

Advantage – Gives Additional Cushioning

The main action of insoles is really to provide a soft bed for your feet to be cushioned on. They are made of materials commonly called memory foam to make themselves adjust to each of the user’s foot shape. Some orthotics can be custom made and work really well to provide a plush cushion for your feet.

In this aspect insoles do provide relief from foot problems. They give the shoe another layer of support and protection for your sore foot.

Advantage – Helps You Get Through Injury

A lot of people get acquainted to insoles when they visit their doctors about nagging foot problems. For severe problems podiatrists (doctors specializing on foot) recommend these orthotic devices. They do help by isolating and protecting areas of the foot as well as providing support to other areas.

Advantage – Custom Made

Perhaps the best advantage for insoles is their being custom made (most are not). A custom made insole can be heaven sent for people with foot problems. It’s like the whole floor of the shoe is made just for your foot. This makes greatly relieves the problems of ill fitting shoes some people experience.

Disadvantages – Expensive

Insoles for running shoes are expensive. The ones that actually work very well are custom made. Some of them can cost up to 800 dollars! Even the cheaper ones start out over 100 dollars. That is more expensive than a lot of running shoes.

Disadvantages – Ruins the Balance of the Shoes

FACT: Running shoes were never designed to have insoles placed inside of them. Very few shoes accommodate insoles really well. Think about it if you shoes feel comfortable with insoles then perhaps you bought the wrong shoe.

Disadvantages – Does Not Really Last Long

A very common complaint especially among the over the counter insoles. They simply do not last. Insoles slide a lot when running that creates friction. Combined with the sliding of the foot from the top and the shoe from underneath insoles suffer tremendous lateral stress. This causes them to disintegrate quite quickly, some report that they barely last a whole marathon.

The bottom-line is that insoles work and are needed by only a few individuals. Those individuals include those with severe foot problems and special needs. Most people do not need insoles if they want to run seriously. The key to reducing foot problems caused by running is getting informed and purchase the correct pair of running shoes.