Motion Control Running Shoes – Why They’re Ideal for Runners With Flat Feet

Motion Control Running Shoes – Why They’re Ideal for Runners With Flat Feet

Motion control running shoes are one of the three types of running shoes available today. The others are stability and cushioned. Choosing the right one is vital to help your performance and prevent any unnecessary injuries.

Who needs motion control running shoes

Motion control running shoes are for a few types of runners. They are those with flat feet or low arches. Overpronators and heavy runners. All of these runners tend to have low arches which causes them to run a certain way. If this isn’t corrected certain injuries will be inflicted to the runner especially those who run long distances. Ankle and lower leg pain will be the first sign. Soon these can develop into injuries that may cause the athlete to need time off training and that is good for no one.

How they run incorrectly

People with flat feet tend to overpronate. This is where the foot strikes the ground and pronating is how the foot rotates inward which is a natural thing to occur. The trouble is people with flat feet and others described above tend to over rotate the foot as they strike the ground.

This is an inefficient running action which as explained before can cause injuries. The flat footed sportsmen can not help run this way, it occurs naturally due to the shape of the foot so they need it corrected

How motion control running shoes correct the problem

The motion control shoe is more bulkier to help prevent this excessive rotation. The sole will be slightly wider to allow for the shape of the foot. There will often be a medial post in the shoe. All of these technologies help the runner run correctly and not overpronate.

The result of this is they will be able to run quicker, further and for longer with less injuries. This is imperative especially for runners more than other sportsmen due to the fact that they put so much stress on the foot due to what they do.


The great thing is that motion control shoes don’t cost any more than normal training shoes they just have the detail in their make as described above. If you’re unsure what type of foot you have and what type of shoe you need then a visit to a specialist running shop is what you need.

They will be able to see your running action as it’s always easier to observe it in someone else and they are experts. They will advise you which to buy and you can go from there. Do go for specific running shoes even if you have a normal foot type as they can make a big difference to your enjoyment and progress of running. Or in fact any sport that has a lot of forward movement will need a shoe that favours the type of foot the sportsmen has.