Summer Day Camp for the Sports Minded Child

Summer Day Camp for the Sports Minded Child

Summer day camp is a time-honored American tradition, and sports-minded kids love the amazing variety of sports offered at most day camps. From basketball and soccer to capture the flag, day camps offer kids the chance to play their favorite sports and try new ones.

Many kids are involved in recreational sports during the school year, and camp offers them the chance to keep up the skills as well as to develop new ones.

Day camps for sports-minded youngsters range from traditional programs where a variety of games are part of a day of swimming lessons, crafts and other activities to highly specialized individualized sports camps.

Kids who are very involved in a particular sport may choose a camp with half-day or all-day coaching and games in a particular sport, whether hockey, soccer, lacrosse or any of the myriad of popular youth athletic activities. These camps not only help kids develop skills in their particular sport, but also encourage development of confidence, self-esteem and goal-setting skills.

The variety of sports offered at day camp is long and exciting. From basketball, baseball, softball, swimming and golf to individualized camp games, kids are on the move and having a blast all day long.

Coaches and counselors are up on the latest training styles and stress a fun, positive atmosphere that teaches important lessons in team work, health and confidence.

Summer camp sports also encourage self-discipline and goal-setting skills. Sports offer invaluable lessons in problem-solving, perseverance and strength of mind, and kids can not only learn to play a winning game but also how to lose with grace. Counselors encourage a well-balanced approach to games with a spirit of fairness and good sportsmanship.

Trying new sports is an exciting element of many summer day camps. From rafting to archery and BB gun shooting, camps offer the opportunity to try something new in a safe, organized atmosphere.

By trying new endeavors from sailing to horseback riding or gymnastics, kids may find a talent they never knew they had and may even find a new athletic avenue they want to pursue. Games especially designed for camp are always a big hit and are interesting and fun in that they are only played at camp; these games often conjure up happy memories during the year.

Various other camp activities can also benefit sports-minded kids by keeping them strong and in shape for their athletic endeavors. Hiking, swimming, rock-climbing, skate-boarding, canoeing and just running around playing Capture the Flag keep kids healthy and fit far better than lounging in front of the TV or video games on long summer days.

Meeting new friends and team mates also helps youngsters with social and team-building skills, lessons that will be invaluable as they move on in both sports and life in general. A new peer group also helps kids make a kind of “new start” and an opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with kids from other neighborhoods, schools or even states.

Summer camps, whether sports-specific or traditional, are fun. Though kids are learning skills and techniques, they are also staying active and outdoors, playing with old friends and making new ones, and learning to be a strong part of a team while making amazing memories.