The Different Types of Athletics Shoes

When you are shopping for athletic shoes it is important to understand what you are getting and why there is so much emphasis on the type of shoe. Designers have taken into consideration the fact that people want comfort but their feet need different types of needs depending on the sport they play.

As an example, a person who only does walking may benefit best from a walking shoe. Someone who walks, jogs and plays tennis may need a cross training shoe so that they don’t have to change to different shoes when they do each of these activities.

In order to give you a better idea of the types of athletic shoes here is a list of categories and what to expect:

Athletic shoes

This category supports a wide variety of shoes that fit particular sports. There are actually several categories including running walking, training, hiking and jogging. To find the best walking shoe you will want to make sure that it has great shock absorption. Also, a rocker sole will make sure that you your foot is allowed to roll properly when you are walking.

If you are looking for a shoe for jogging, you want a comfortable cushion, stability in the heel, good reaction and it should be light weight and have air vents so your foot will breathe.

Court shoes

These are all the shoes that are classified for sports that take place on a court. Whether it is basketball, volley ball or tennis these are the type of shoes you are looking for and that will serve you best in these sports. When you are looking for court shoes, they should take into consideration your body movement and the fact that they will be used a lot. The secret to court shoes will be in the type of sole it has because each one will be different.

Track and Field shoes

These shoes will be used for football, soccer or baseball. For this type you will need something that is studded, spiked or cleated and you will need something that is comfortable but also has detachable or replaceable parts.

Although athletic shoes are very important for the specific sport you are playing many people want something they can wear all the time, and there are a variety of specialty shoes. A good example of a specialty shoe are the Air Force Ones. These are a shoe that are classic yet stylish.

You can also find fun shoes like the SpongeBob air force ones. These are cute because they have SpongeBob on the front and your kids will love kicking them around when they are outside playing.